A tutoring community where 4th-12th graders become engaged learners with a vision of their future

Summer is a great time for your mind to grow,
away from the daily grind of school!

Summer enrollment is now open for 2018.
See brief program descriptions below for
Summer Bridge: Tools for Middle & High School and
Back-to-School Boot Camp.

Morning and evening class times available to fit your summer schedule!

Or view the full brochure with schedules and enrollment forms:

For Culver City summer programs.

For Manhattan Beach summer programs.

In June and July, you are invited to Summer Bridge: Tools for Middle & High School.

Bridge is the place to:

  • get help for summer schoolwork
  • get your summer reading done early!
  • strengthen your foundation for next year's classes
  • learn new study skills
  • and experience academic material in a new way, in more depth, to increase your comprehension and find your natural curiosity again!

Summer Bridge is offered in two formats. Choose the one that fits your schedule and your child's learning style best:
  • Half-day morning camps, one week at a time Mon-Thurs 9a to 1pm, for a more immersive experience or
  • Afternoon & evening classes, for kids who attend summer school or day camp elsewhere

We engage students through our framework of Leadership Literacies. We have found that the more we can offer lessons through authentic, real-life, hands-on projects and contexts, the more excited the students become about their own learning.

All students create a Vision Project around a personal passion or future goal, which involves:

  • Social and Media Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • College and Career Literacy
  • Technical Literacy

All students spend more than half of each session working on Academic LIteracy, which can include school-related work and standards-based skills, or original lessons designed by us to address your goals. When you enroll, we work closely with you to create a differentiated program for your child, drawing from any of the following content areas:

  • math (pre-algebra through pre-calculus)
  • reading comprehension and analytical writing
  • science, including biology, chemistry and physics (ask about support for specific AP sciences)
  • history, including APs
  • metacognitive study skills, built on an awareness of one's learning style
  • testing skills for school or SAT/ACT/AP/ISEE/HSPT
  • executive functioning skills like organization and time management

In August, get motivated and ready for Fall at Back-to-School Boot Camp!

This is a fun, fast-paced, highly interactive workshop. Your child can:

  • finish up any summer schoolwork
  • finish up that summer reading done
  • review topics from last year to "get the rust off"
  • preview topics for the new semester to "hit the ground running"
  • learn new study skills
  • set up systems for paperwork, tracking assignments, using time wisely, choosing classes and activities and building strong relationships at school!